Kieran Ward BA QFA

Financial Services Director New Beginning Financial

Kieran Ward, Director of Financial Services at New Beginning with 10 years’ experience in the financial services industry. Kieran specialises in Financial Education, in Group Scheme Management and Strategic Financial Planning for Business owners, Senior managers, Directors, and Employees.

Eugene Carley

Solicitor at Carley & Associates – Partner Law Firm of New Beginning

Eugene is the Principal Solicitor at Carley & Associates, the Partner Law Firm of New Beginning.

Eugene provides Legal advice, Court Representation and Debt Management Services for New Beginning while also working as a General Practitioner.

Nick Lawlor QFA CFP® SIA

Director New Beginning Financial

Nick Lawlor is one of less than 400 Certified Financial Planners operating in Ireland today and is the Managing Director of New Beginning Financial Services Ltd. Nick heads up our corporate services offering Smart Money and is the primary point of contact for our corporate clients.

Nick has spent his entire career advising clients on their personal financial goals and objectives and has an entirely client centric approach to his financial planning philosophy.

Ross Maguire SC

Founder New Beginning

Ross Maguire is a Senior Counsel.

He is a graduate of Trinity College, Dublin and the Kings Inns. He founded New Beginning in 2010 to help people in mortgage distress. He was awarded Barrister of the Year at the Irish Law Awards in 2012.

Ross has been involved in most of the main banking related cases coming before the Courts over the past 5 years and has been a frequent contributor on national media in areas concerning debt. Ross has worked with government on the preparation and implementation of the new Personal Insolvency legislation.

Ross completed an Iron Man triathlon at the European Championships in Frankfort in 2015