Sorry for shouting but sometimes it difficult to summarise what we do.

Each area of a client’s finances and the possible changes that can be made to improve a client’s finances can take hours to explain. For years I have worked on a way to describe what we do in a manner that summarises our approach, and if you have ever tried to do this with your own job you will understand that it’s hard to do.

Most of us have many different elements to our jobs, we have all been there. At a wedding or a conference or a social gathering and you politely ask the guy beside you what he does and twenty minutes later you wish you could turn back time and ask him what football team he supports instead because he is still talking and you have got no idea what he actually does!

I am acutely aware that things like pensions, life insurance and inheritance planning and investments don’t exactly scream excitement so it’s a challenge to summarise it.

But you’ll be glad to hear I think we have made it.

Firstly our philosophy.

At New Beginning Financial Services we have a philosophy of “No Surprises”.

It’s simple really and let me explain. We don’t believe a client should arrive at retirement and not know exactly how much their tax free lump sum will be or how much their regular income for life will be. They should be fully aware of whether they will get the social welfare pension or not. They should know that all avenues of maximising their tax free cash at retirement have been explored.

A client should never encounter illness and be unable to pay their bills. They should never be in a situation where a medical problem becomes a financial problem. They should know that they will always have a salary should they be unable to work and god forbid they get seriously ill, they have the financial means to see them through. Worse still, should a client of ours pass away they will have known that their families won’t suffer financial after they are gone.

Clients of ours will know that their savings are earmarked for them, money they might need tomorrow is available and safe. Money they don’t need tomorrow or the next day will be trying to earn them a decent return. Not 0.5% percent on deposit, but something that delivers a return based their goals and appetite for risk.

Furthermore our clients will know that all of the financial plans will take advantage of tax breaks where possible.

There will be “no surprises”.

Financial planning is about getting your money to deliver on your lifetime goals and it’s our job to match those goals to your money.

Quite simply we believe that you should – “Plan for tomorrow, live for today”

As always should you feel that you would like some guidance on any of your financial goals then please feel to get in touch with me either via email to or call Kathy on 01 531 0571

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