New Beginning Financial Services Launch Employee Care Programme

Having spent years trying to address the issues of the past for our clients, we wanted to see if there was a way for us to get ahead of the financial issues that our clients faced.

We have a saying in the financial services department that sums up our philosophy perfectly – “plan for tomorrow, live for today”. We are big believers in living life to the fullest and to do that there shouldn’t be any financial surprises. You shouldn’t get to the kids going to third level and get a surprise about the costs involved. You shouldn’t wonder about what your income will be in retirement. You shouldn’t, god forbid, get sick and have no income.

This is one of our key goals with all our clients.

The problem was that most of us don’t wake up in the morning and think, I must arrange a sit down with a financial adviser today. So these things get put on the long finger. And then the surprises arrive.

So please don’t let this happen to you. We are available to help with planning your finances so please take us up on this offer if you would like to review your protection set up, your savings/investments or your retirement.

To take this concept of getting ahead of the possible issues before they happened we decided to take this a step further.
We felt that if we could bring the knowledge and the advice to employees in the most convenient way possible, in the workplace itself then we could deliver a bank of knowledge to our clients so they could might avoid the financial surprises that none of us want.

And so the Employee Care Programme was born.

This is a programme designed for employers who want to attract, keep and help their employees. It is designed as an employee benefit from their employers which is delivered through a structured programme of seminars, clinics and one to ones with employees.
Employers are armed with attempting to improve their employee’s financial and legal worlds. Employees are armed with the knowledge to make informed and educated financial and legal decisions.

The result. Well employers have gone the extra mile to help their staff, promoting a sense of loyalty. Employees have been educated on an array of issues that will help them throughout the course of their lives and very importantly, often results in increases their personal wealth.

No surprises.

For more on how we can help you plan for the unexpected or if you would like to know more about Employee Care Programme please just get in touch with me directly on or call Kathy in the office on 01 -5310571 and we will set up a call.

Chat soon,

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