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New Beginning Funding offers commercial clients a comprehensive analysis of funding options before arranging funding solutions which meet the borrower’s specific needs. At New Beginning Funding we are looking to assist individuals and SMEs in sourcing a range of funding options, including refinancing, to enable settlement of stressed exposures.

New Beginning Funding is currently working with a number of Alternative funders offering a wide range of funding solutions, from commercial mortgages against income generating properties to Bridging and Mezzanine finance transactions.

A typical traditional commercial funding transaction structure for income producing assets is based on:
• 5 year term finance, with capital and interest payments calculated using a 20/25 year repayment profile
• Up to 75% LTV, subject to rental income

The minimum loan size is €1m. Many of our clients will have agreed or are about to agree deals with funds who have acquired their loans.

Alternative funding transactions, by their nature will be less formulaic and we encourage commercial clients to discuss their transactions with us to see if we can assist.

We encourage commercial clients, with traditional or alternative commercial real estate funding requirements, to contact us.
You can email us at or call on 01-5240000 to discuss options that might be of help to you.

Funding highlights

What New Beginning can offer you:
  • Close contact with various alternative funders
  • Range of financial solutions and options to funding
  • Options for alternative funding transactions
  • Careful review of cases
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Worried about debt?

We can help you to plan and become debt free.

What should I consider when I have accepted a restructured mortgage?

Many clients have dealt with the banks directly in recent years to restructure their mortgage debt and have been offered split mortgages, term extensions and part capital and interest deals from their lenders. While this keeps the roof over client’s heads it often leads to 2 main financial planning issues.

  1. Life Insurance Shortfalls
  2. Future Residual Debt

While the clear and obvious benefit to accepting one of these deals is that there is now no immediate threat to your home, it is important to complete the process prudently. By this I mean plan for the future and address the likely shortfall in your life insurance and consider how you are going to pay off the balance of your mortgage. The mortgage has not been written down, just restructured. You still have to pay it, just in a different way now.

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When I came to New Beginning I was at my wits end. I had been trying to deal with the banks myself and was getting nowhere. I met with someone at New Beginning who took me through the whole situation and gave possible outcomes I didn’t know existed! They took over my case and had it sorted within a few months. I now have a mortgage I can afford and am on the road to recovery!
The care and professionalism I experienced at New Beginning was unparalleled. They really took the time and energy to understand my situation to find the best solution. Their genuine passion and commitment to helping people in tough times was comforting and allowed me to focus a bit more attention to my family.
I attended a seminar held by New Beginning in Dublin and it really helped me understand more about how to deal with my situation.  They taught me about different strategies I could use to negotiate against the funds and banks and also about the different insolvency rules.  I learned so much that day and the best part was the seminar was all completely free!
I was struggling to deal with the banks and with my other unsecure debt and I didn’t really know what was going on. I decided I needed someone on the outside to have a look at my situation, that’s when I found New Beginning. I received professional advice tailored to my situation. We discussed all the possible options available and they recommended the best solution for me, which was bankruptcy. It’s such a relief knowing this time next year I will be out of bankruptcy and debt free.

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