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Financial Services

At New Beginning Financial Services, we are focused on helping our clients build and protect their futures. We all lead busy lives and often do not get time to deal with the financial planning issues that need close attention. We take pride in our ability to listen to our clients’ needs and goals. Understanding that in financial planning there isn’t a one size fits all strategy, we tailor advice for the sole purpose of each client being able to realise their financial needs and goals. New Beginning Financial Services can help you by making best in class services available to you nationwide.

As a client of New Beginning Financial Services what you can expect from us is a personalised tailored service which is Independent and impartial that puts you and your family at the centre of everything we do!

Financial Planning highlights

What New Beginning can offer you:
  • Savings and Investment Advice
  • Retirement Planning Service
  • Life Assurance/ Protection Assessments
  • Health Insurance Consultancy
  • Payslip analysis
  • Tax Tips
  • Inheritance Planning
  • Redundancy Advice
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We specialise in Financial Planning for Clients who are considering bankruptcy or insolvency and we work closely with our colleagues in New Beginning Advisors to ensure those clients who enter a debt process or have their mortgages restructured have their life insurance set up correctly should they have any change to their personal or debt situations.

We are positioned to offer clients an array of investments options to suit all appetites for risk.

From clients who are simply looking to earn better returns than are available on deposit to clients who wish to invest in stocks, property or bonds New Beginning Financial Services Ltd are here to help clients make those decisions and guide them along the way.

Our clients consist of Business Owners, Directors, Self Employed Professionals and Private and Public Sector Employees.

Our Financial Planning Services

  • Employee Care Programme

    Every enterprise, big or small, lives or dies by its people. Your employees are your most valued resource and by
  • Investments

    New Beginning Financial Services Ltd are positioned to offer clients an array of investments options to suit all appetites for
  • Pensions

    New Beginning Financial Services Limited specialise in retirement planning for clients who are considering bankruptcy or insolvency. We also specialise
  • Protection

    New Beginning Financial Services Ltd specialise in life insurance/protection structures for clients who are considering entering a debt process or
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Worried about debt?

We can help you to plan and become debt free.

What happens my pension in Insolvency?

Insolvency is a structured deal with creditor’s arranged through a PIP and pension assets can often be used as part of the deal. Sometimes our clients are happy to do this and other times they are not.

To avoid your retirement assets being on the table when it comes to negotiating a deal with creditors it is important to consider what form they are in. Different pension structures allow for different drawdown dates which means that simply changing the structure of your pension could be difference between gaining some value from it or not.

Pensions do allow for some degree of control over when your retirement assets become realisable so please get in touch before you make any decisions regarding insolvency and your retirement assets.

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What customers say about us

Featured Articles
When I came to New Beginning I was at my wits end. I had been trying to deal with the banks myself and was getting nowhere. I met with someone at New Beginning who took me through the whole situation and gave possible outcomes I didn’t know existed! They took over my case and had it sorted within a few months. I now have a mortgage I can afford and am on the road to recovery!
The care and professionalism I experienced at New Beginning was unparalleled. They really took the time and energy to understand my situation to find the best solution. Their genuine passion and commitment to helping people in tough times was comforting and allowed me to focus a bit more attention to my family.
I attended a seminar held by New Beginning in Dublin and it really helped me understand more about how to deal with my situation.  They taught me about different strategies I could use to negotiate against the funds and banks and also about the different insolvency rules.  I learned so much that day and the best part was the seminar was all completely free!
I was struggling to deal with the banks and with my other unsecure debt and I didn’t really know what was going on. I decided I needed someone on the outside to have a look at my situation, that’s when I found New Beginning. I received professional advice tailored to my situation. We discussed all the possible options available and they recommended the best solution for me, which was bankruptcy. It’s such a relief knowing this time next year I will be out of bankruptcy and debt free.

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