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Fees & Services

Schedule of Fees and Remuneration Arrangements
A client can choose, if they so wish, to pay for the service in full by way of a fee. Such fees are set as follows for 2016.

Broker Fees

There is no upfront fee/charge in having your current policies reviewed. However if a client wishes to progress this to a more in depth financial review, there are a number of fee/charging options available.

  • Full Financial Planning Review, including a full fact-find analysis of Protection, Savings and Investments and Retirement Planning is €500 (maximum 3 hour time frame).
  • A focused fact-find, whereby the client wishes to review only one area of their finances, e.g. protection, is charged at €200 (maximum 2 hour timeframe, after which an additional €200 per hour is charged).
  • Additional work and research conducted on behalf of the client that exceeds 3 hours will be charged at a rate of €200 per hour.

Broker Commission

Agreement may also be reached to have these fees offset against any commission remuneration payable to the intermediary for business transacted.

This can be agreed prior to the consultation. However a client may opt not to choose this option in which case New Beginning Financial Services Ltd are remunerated only by means of commission on any business transacted with the various companies with which we hold an agency agreement.

The amount of the remuneration will be made clear to the client at the point of transaction and will also be included in the relevant policy schedules and statement of suitability issued to the clients.

Our Financial Planning Services

  • Employee Care Programme

    Every enterprise, big or small, lives or dies by its people. Your employees are your most valued resource and by
  • Investments

    New Beginning Financial Services Ltd are positioned to offer clients an array of investments options to suit all appetites for
  • Pensions

    New Beginning Financial Services Limited specialise in retirement planning for clients who are considering bankruptcy or insolvency. We also specialise
  • Protection

    New Beginning Financial Services Ltd specialise in life insurance/protection structures for clients who are considering entering a debt process or
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Worried about debt?

We can help you to plan and become debt free.

What happens my pensions in bankruptcy?

Pensions are largely protected when a client enters a bankruptcy process assuming you don’t have access now or will have access to  you pension in the next 5 years.  There are however still significant risks that clients should be aware of. Clients often believe they don’t have access to their pension but have found out too late that in fact their pension was fully accessible and as such was lost when they went bankrupt.

Clients who have pension assets that are realisable in the years to come have lost all of their monies when they felt there was no risk at all.

For example clients can have their pensions invested in a buyout bond which can give access to retirement assets from 50 can be at risk when they feel there pension isn’t realisable until they are 60. Some occupational pension schemes allow for early retirement too.

It is crucial to plan for bankruptcy and your pension assets can play a huge part in the planning process

Please just get in touch and we will be happy to assess your situation for you.

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What customers say about us

Featured Articles
When I came to New Beginning I was at my wits end. I had been trying to deal with the banks myself and was getting nowhere. I met with someone at New Beginning who took me through the whole situation and gave possible outcomes I didn’t know existed! They took over my case and had it sorted within a few months. I now have a mortgage I can afford and am on the road to recovery!
The care and professionalism I experienced at New Beginning was unparalleled. They really took the time and energy to understand my situation to find the best solution. Their genuine passion and commitment to helping people in tough times was comforting and allowed me to focus a bit more attention to my family.
I attended a seminar held by New Beginning in Dublin and it really helped me understand more about how to deal with my situation.  They taught me about different strategies I could use to negotiate against the funds and banks and also about the different insolvency rules.  I learned so much that day and the best part was the seminar was all completely free!
I was struggling to deal with the banks and with my other unsecure debt and I didn’t really know what was going on. I decided I needed someone on the outside to have a look at my situation, that’s when I found New Beginning. I received professional advice tailored to my situation. We discussed all the possible options available and they recommended the best solution for me, which was bankruptcy. It’s such a relief knowing this time next year I will be out of bankruptcy and debt free.

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