Fees & Services

Debt Management Fee Structure [1]

Assessment/Consultation Fees

Family Home Case                                                                                                             €150

Residential Investment Property Case                                                                         €200

Commercial Case                                                                                                               €300


Full Engagement Fees

Family Home Case                                                                                                              €650

Residential Investment Property Case                                                                             €1250

Commercial Case                                                                                                               TBA


Personal Insolvency Fee Structure

No Upfront Fee – Fees Charged From Deal


Bankruptcy Fee Structure

Full service to include all related costs (Legal/Solicitor/Personal Insolvency Review/Administration/VAT) and continued service over period of bankruptcy to include negotiation with income statement €3950[2]


[1] No VAT applies

[2] NB will reduce fees in certain circumstances

Our Debt Solution Services

  • In the debt solutions aspect of New Beginning, advisers meticulously go through each client's mortgage case and propose the best
  • Bankruptcy

    Bankruptcy is a legal process whereby all debts are written off in full and any assets belonging to the debtor
  • Debt Negotiation

    Through our regulated debt management firm New Beginning offers advice and negotiation services on mortgage and commercial debts. Our experts
  • Insolvency

    Ireland now has the most powerful personal insolvency laws in the world. These new laws are designed to assist people
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