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Welcome to New Beginning

New Thinking New Solutions

New Beginning has been at the forefront of helping people break free of Celtic Tiger debt.
We now consist of 4 divisions providing debt management services, legal services, financial services and funding solutions to our clients.
Our mission is to fix the past but also to secure and build the future.

Debt Management
We offer advice and negotiation services on mortgage and commercial debts.

Employee Financial Wellness
Employee Financial Wellness aims to educate and help employees. We operate as Independent Financial Advisers which means we have no affiliation to a particular product provider and you are guaranteed non-partial advice.

Financial Planning
We offer free financial reviews of your pension, life insurance, mortgage protection and more. For a full range of our service, click below.

The Wellness Crew
The Wellness Crew are here to steer your employee wellness programme in the right direction. We do this by providing expert HR advice on all aspects of corporate wellness provision and by offering a one-stop shop for corporate wellness services across 4 key employee wellbeing pillars