About Us

New Beginning began life in 2010 when a group of Barristers came together to provide legal representation to people facing repossession of their family homes. This was at a time when the great recession ravaged so many in our country and no protections existed for borrowers. New Beginning lawyers mounted challenges to the home repossession system resulting in the complete suspension of home repossessions during 2011 and 2012.

During this time New Beginning worked with government on the creation of a new insolvency system designed to protect borrowers in distress.

New Beginning has given hundreds of public seminars in every part of Ireland educating people on the new systems.

In 2015 New Beginning Financial Services was born with an emphasis on helping people protect and secure their financial wellbeing into the future. New Beginning Financial Services now offers its Employee Care Program to companies in Ireland. We work with employers to assist them in providing the best in class financial guidance to their staff.

Carley & Associates  (our partner law firm) opened for business in 2015 and provides a full range of legal services to New Beginning clients.

New Beginning Funding was launched in 2016 and provides commercial funding to borrowers wishing to re-finance positions with banks and funds.

The New Beginning Social Housing Fund was launched in 2017 and through a series of measures we are now providing social housing in the State with a current portfolio exceeding 100 units and growing.

New Beginning looks forward to further developments in our service offerings over the coming months and years – all connected by our single vision of fixing the past and securing the future.